Linked Profiles (DM3LPP)

(beta - in work)


For certain use cases, standalone (or anonymous) profiles that can optionally be linked and synchronized with the main profile are required. For example, a dApp could provide integrated in-app messaging, a website could allow direct contact with designated persons, or a billboard chat allows anonymous users to post statements. These functions can, for instance, be realized using the embedded dm3 components.

Eventually, it might be desirable for users to connect to a dApp without disclosing their identity to send messages anonymously. Users should also be able to write a message from the embedded messaging widget independently of their messenger app, which is then optionally synchronized with their inbox.

In addition, security considerations may require using limited-scope profiles with restricted rights derived from the user's wallet, which should be linked optionally to the user's inbox.

The following description refers exclusively to ENS as a registry but can equally be applied to any other name service of any chain or layer 2 or even a cloud service.

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